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The Power of the Dog

By Rudyard Kipling     

There is sorrow enough in the natural way

From men and women to fill our day;

And when we are certain of sorrow in store,

Why do we always arrange for more?

Brothers and sisters, I bid you beware

Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.


 I had already given my Heart and Soul and had fallen in love with Toffy. Toffy and Twinkle (his wife) both Boxers fell and love and got married. I wished Toffy all the best in his marriage and a happy married life. Alas Twinkle his wife died in their early days of marriage their Honey moon just over. To get over his shock he asked me to adopt a son an Alsatian whom he named Chocó. He looked after Chocó. Well pampering him, licking him allowing him to sleep between his paws. He often left some food in his bowl for young Chocó.

Times change though he often thought of his first love Twinkle he fell in love again with an Alsatian Candy was her name and her melting Brown eyes held him spellbound and mesmerized him. Toffy became a father for Candy bore him beautiful daughter Perk who liked to play ball.


But here the love triangle starts Chocó. Was growing tall dark, lean and handsome Candy fell in love with Chocó

Toffy was Heartbroken at the betrayal ET Tu Brute “was he could say but he could never stand the sight of her new found love Chocó. Toffy and Chocó always battled it out for Candy’s affection and both had bites all over them and had to be separated. Toffy gave up with grace Toffy became a confirmed bachelor he was becoming he was old and besides there was Perk to look after. Father and daughter Perk got along well together.

For my closest blood relatives, my brother Nicky, Sisters Maria and Hilda their Families were always were the centre of their universe and they had  no time for Dad or Mom, It was always D’Souza’s or Menezes.

My in-laws Mother-in-law Ida  Brothers-in-law Francis & Savio, Sisters in Laws Camila, and Gracinda could not match the affection and love of Toffy as they engrossed in their families and their lives revolved around themselves the eternal @festivals ,@birthday’s @weddings and of course @funerals.

Dogs are closer than family and friends .Toffy gave me 13 years of unquestionable Love and friendship. But Toofy was there for me, in good time’s bad times he was always there for me.

We were taking an evening walk all three of us my daughter Gail, Toffy and myself Like a Buddy he was he knew I had to have some time with my daughter. Gentleman that he was he was walking behind us.

Then suddenly a King Cobra appeared as if by Magic from the autumn leaves a few feet away from us. Toffy had no other thought but to Attack although I told him to let go.

Toffy did kill the Cobra but in turn he lost his life. He was nothing but Happiness and Joy he would welcome friends and workers asking them to take him for a walk to the hills his favorite pastime. Even after three years if anyone met him he would remember

The Tie that binds me to Toffy my Boxer who lost his life when bitten by a Cobra brings Tears streaming down my Face. Toffy you were my Buddy and My Friend. He used to follow me everywhere even when I used to get up at three in the morning to do work on the computer when others were asleep he was there for me with his Head over my feet. Toffy I loved you Buddy! L

I can visual he now if there is a Heaven for Doggies Toffy must be taking his walks on the Hills of Eternity. Man’s Best Friend and Confidant.

In his memory which cannot and will never be replaced I have two Tortoises who a live a happily married Life.  One called Toffy and the other Twinkle.

TOFFY RIP. 24th April 2012